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Jun 26, 2020

질문을 왜! 그렇게 많이 사용하시죠?

가계 자료속 내 프로필과 약관의 질문
을 나의 자료 속에 들어가서 오랜 시간동안
머무는 바람에 내 금리가 30% 가 올랐다고
전화가 아침 일찍 왔어요?

Oliver S

Nov 13, 2017

New LinkedIn UI bug?


The extension doesn't seem to work on the new LinkedIn UI. Is there any workaround?

Looking forward to your reply,


Sahar Sibani

Mar 2, 2016

No ratings show up

I added LinkedGlass to my chrome and the small window pops up on the right when I'm searching companies on LinkedIn, but it stays blank (Except for the field headings). What can I do to get this to work?

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