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Max Alumnus

Feb 28, 2024

Can your extension be used on Linkedin Sales Navigator?

Can your extension be used on Linkedin Sales Navigator? I dont see the SNATCH

Suzy Leeke

Nov 21, 2023

how to install

Hi - please advise how to install LinkedBooster. I'm doing the free trial and followed the link to install but it didn't take me anywhere! Thanks. Suzy

Google SEO cursus

Nov 8, 2023

This tool IS NOT WORKING and there is NO SUPPORT.

Two weeks in. No reply from email, no reply from Facebook, no support whatsoever and the tool is still not working. Tried three different computers, tried four different Chrome versions but nothing.

This tool IS NOT WORKING and there is NO SUPPORT.

People, do NOT BUY this tool. It is a scam. They only reply at AppSumo sometimes so you "think" they offer support, but there is literally none.

Don't waste you're time on this tool, it is a scam and they offer zero support.

Thuan Luu

May 7, 2022

Registation Linked Booster

Hi Developer,
I want register this service, What should I do?. Please contact me via Thank you.

Vy Doan

Jun 23, 2021

Not receive Confirmation Code

I have a problem that I signed up Linked Booster by email but didn't receive confirmation code

Felipe M. S.

Apr 1, 2021

My Linked Booster isn't working

Snatching peopple (0/0)
Failed to detect search results!

Marko Milutinovic

Feb 8, 2021

Dark mode contrast

There is a problem with contrast on profile in dark mode. When i'm open for job offers. Bubble has gray background and white letters so it's unreadable. Same thing with bubble "Your dashboard".

Gears of War

Dec 11, 2020

Set limit invitation

This is a great extension for people who want to promote their LinkedIn profile etc.
It would be great if it has a setting for limiting the connect invitation
Like set limit into 100, 200, 250 a day or 400 a day depending on the user.


Jan 6, 2020

Logging In Issue

Great extension although it never sends the forgotten password token to my inbox. I've therefore had to create multiple accounts but can never re-log back in. Please help. I've checked spam inbox and tried setting up account with the same email but it says 'invalid'.

Idan Zimbler

Nov 5, 2019

Addon doesnt connect to anyone

Hey, I followed the youtube instructions and after adding 500 people to tag I clicked start without a note and it open new tabs but doesnt really add anyone... just opening and closing tabs
Please help.

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