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Mimi N

Sep 25, 2023

Remember Custom Resize and Placement

Would be very useful if the hover window remembered the adjusted size you set it as and placement you choose to move it to.

Shae Clark

Jun 25, 2023

I really like this extension BUT

About 90% of the time previews popup when I'm not even hovering over a link, as well as they popup way before the time I have set for my buffer time. I also tried to set it to manual but that's not working. Links are still popping up when I'm just hovering... Or no where even close to link.


Jan 31, 2023

Nice extension could we choose the Position and size -

Would be nice to define the position to the top right corner, as I use it on search pages. Right now I have to move it away if I want to reed in the middle of the screen and to define the size freely and permanently. Like hight 500px width 900px


Dec 12, 2022

Can you add drag and drag and open it?

1丶Can you add drag and drag and open it?
It is best to customize drag delay
2丶Double -click the top, can you add【Pin on Preview+The window is automatically enlarged in the center】

Nikki Volodin

Jun 19, 2022

Neeva support

I neeva, and it'd be really nice, if this extension could get added support for neeva, as it currently doesn't work on their.

Rock Gentleman

Apr 5, 2022



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