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Phyly Time

Nov 4, 2023

Why you guys change the extension

Hi, the recent update is very bad. Please bring it back to normal. Right-clicking does not work anymore. This extension used to be one of the best, and it is now a very long job to clean the .csv file to get the links we need. Please help us. Can we have an answer? At least we have been supporting you for a very long time, and you are not even replying to anybody about recent issues with this extension.

Nate A

Nov 2, 2023

Options page missing

There are no regex or file type options anymore.

Marcin Regdos

Oct 18, 2023

Settings page disappeared and other issues

After recent updates settings page is no longer available, the extension defaults to downloading only .csv files, .txt format is no longer available. Other advanced options (such as filtering links by regex ) are also not possible. So the core functionality of extension was removed, which suddenly makes the previously great extension near useless.


Oct 18, 2023

Right click dont work and cant save to txt files

Right click dont work and cant save to txt files, please fix this. You made a useful extension, thank you for the help.

Juan Castañeira

Mar 18, 2023

Deseo que volvais a poner los NOMBRES de la URL del VIDEO

I want you to put back the NAMES of the URL of the VIDEO

Well, you have removed the Name from the URL of the VIDEO and now only gives the LINK and it is no longer so practical. If you want to put it on SALE, then put it, but with URL and NAME

Deseo que volvais a poner los NOMBRES de la URL del VIDEO

Pues que habeis quitado el Nombre de la URL del VIDEO y ahora solo da el LINK y ya no es tan práctico. Si lo quereis poner a la VENTA, pues ponerlo, pero con URL y NOMBRE

Perri Crigan

Mar 9, 2023

Anchor text is no longer being captured

When the CSV file is downloaded, only the URLs are appearing, not the accompanying Anchor Text column.

Hime Kuroyuki

Feb 27, 2023

the CSV no longer grab the anchor texts

Is there a way to fix the issue that it will also pull the text the links are associated with? It used to work pretty well until couple weeks ago. Now it only pull the links without the text that makes it so hard to see what each link is for when I see the CSV.

Linda Thurber

Sep 5, 2022

Link Klipper

Why would my Link Klipper extention grab links and keeps pasting same ones over and over

Sue Endres-Other

Jun 6, 2022

How to capture nested pages within each domain?

I used the extension and it grabbed all of the domains domain/xxx but we have multiple pages living below each domain.

Вася Петров

Dec 6, 2021

Always on mode!

App is perfect, but need Always on mode when serfing the web.

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