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Jul 25, 2023

Youtube link are wrong.

Hi, when I try to grab youtube links the link produced by the extension is wrong, I think it's because the link changes when the video is accessed, to the channel id.

Blake Selimos

Jun 11, 2023

Pulling from Gmail Sidebar

link grabber appears to be pulling the links from the sidebar of my gmail (starred, snoozed, sent, drafts, etc.) rather than the gmail inbox. Not sure if I'm doing something wrong or not, to make sure it pulls the links from the inbox being displayed, and not the sidebar..

Pablo Iranzo Gómez

May 30, 2023

Regexp support

Would be really great to have support for regexp filters in urls to include

Vince Wilson

May 25, 2023

doesn't work

not working, luckily i found one that works

Vineet Gupta

May 5, 2023



Zhang Yihong

Sep 25, 2022



Mike Mtl

Jul 23, 2022

1/4 links are copied

The copy button tells me how many links on the page the extension sees but only lets me copy about a quarter of them. On my last attempt it let me copy 105 out of the 487 totals links. Is there any way to change this behavior? I need all of them!

Patty Hatfield

Jul 14, 2022

first key to start this process

how do I change the first key to press to surround the links?

InHK Sunny

Nov 4, 2021

Title of Link ?

can it display Title with Link ?

Hadi Jamshidi

Oct 2, 2021

grab selected links

helped me a lot!
This could be even cooler if had an option to grab of not the entire page but selected links as well.

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