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Dougal Merchant

Oct 28, 2019

Link Alert - Chrome display problem

Hi Link Alert , this is a great idea/extension, but I get nothing displayed on the screen next to the cursor, at all :-(

Am I doing something wrong? I'm running the latest version of Chrome on Windows 10. Link Alert is enabled and I've not changed any settings.

Thanks and regards from Doug.

A Chrome Web Store user

Oct 21, 2017

Giant icons vertically stacked some sites

Repeating what I left in the review, with some added detail.

Some bugs whether in Chrome or Vivaldi. On certain pages, haven't figured out the pattern yet, the icons end up being giant-sized, and vertically-oriented. Which also flips the X Y offset settings. They end up being treated as images that are on top of the link, preventing the link from being either clicked or right-click copied. Articles on and some on CNN often display this problem.

Here's one site where the problem occurs:

All the links in the story went vertical. Some are large, some are "extra large". By setting the X value to a ridiculously big negative 24 pixels I could push the vertical stack far enough to the left, that most links were barely clickable just to the right of the vertically-stacked icon image. But some links had the icon stack even larger, so the link was still impossible to access because the icon image covered it.

With that offset so large, of course, most sites where the icons occur at normal size, had the icons offset far further away than I want them (I usually use -4,-4 to push them above and to the left.)

Probably some CSS on the problematic pages is causing your extension's images to get embiggened and flipped 90 degrees. Never saw this happen on the old Firefox (pre-FF57) extension, but that wasn't your code and was a different extension model.

Francesco Zangrilli

Mar 17, 2017

For who doesn't like a background under the icon?

I'd like an option to remove only the background. Even if I choose white borders, with a black web page I'd see white color under an icon of this extention. I think it needs only this

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