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Ali Latash

Dec 31, 2023




Dec 28, 2023

Hello Drear,,

i hope you good t the moments ,,,,

i want ask you a question about the Grammarly

?is it work with ,,,, mailing or not

i wait to replay for me as soon as you can....

Allie Murphy

Nov 22, 2023

Liner AI Copilot

I recently purchased the Liner AI Copilot on a trial basis. The trial period ends on Friday, November the 24, 2023. I am trying to cancel the trial before it ends. I purchased through the Chrome Web Store. I turned off Paypal automatic payments to Liner but the payment Friday would still go through ( as long as its in pending when i turn off, it will be processed, and it was in pending). I also removed Liner from my extensions in the Chrome Web Store. Im not finding the subscription under Google Pay... What do I need to do?? Please respond asap!!! I like the app its just not beneficial for me. Thank you for your time.

Chad Burt

Nov 9, 2023

affiliate program

I own and representing 9k and 44k travel agents respectively. I am interested in becoming an affiliate to actively promote and resell your product to our agents. If our tests prove fruitful, I can also recommend the product to Travel Leaders Network, America's largest travel agent consortium with nearly 70K members and, the industry's leading independent agent support network.

Please let me know how to proceed.


Chad Burt
Co-Owner:,, and
904.316.7885 (cell...please leave a message if I don't answer)

Amogh Nigam

Sep 18, 2023

So many feature, a big mess

brother how can you type when there a big chunk of liner in front of me ... worst possible feature is that the floating window of LINER is fixed I can’t even drag it somewhere else like of grammarly ... make it moveable at least, such a simple tool used for highlighting is now became a mess of trending feature, if given opportunity to have current LINER or a tool for highlighting I would choose the highlighting tool

Paul Lamont

Sep 10, 2023


I select the 7 day free trial it does not take none of my credit cards and payment screen frozen. When I try second time I had the same problem.

Flora Oh

Sep 10, 2023

getliner application keeps getting blocked by windows defender

Hi, the Windows defender keeps sending me messages that is blocked. Why is this happening? This is very bothersome

David Pemberton

Sep 5, 2023

refund david pemberton

i have not authorized the subscription charged to my credit accost refund immediately or l will be reporting this deceitful behavior.
David Pemberton

Chabela Castro

Aug 13, 2023

no puedo acceder al contenido . Error de trafico inusual, que intente mas tarde

Desde el día de hoy he tenido problemas para acceder al contenido, dice que tiene problemas insuales de trafico. Me podrían ayudar me urge una respuesta

silvia lembo

Aug 8, 2023

Abbonamento a Liner non attivato

Ho pagato l'abbonamento per l'estensione LINER dal 31 luglio 2023 e il sevizio PROFESSIONAL non è attivo. Vorrei che risolveste il problema. Ho contattato più volte lo sviluppatore, ma non mi ha mai risposto.

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