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Limit - Set Limits for Distracting Sites

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יסמין פירוס

Mar 2, 2024

After the daily limit it is impossible to return to the original site

Thanks for the plugin, but after the number of daily minutes I've limited to myself is up, I can't go back to what was open there, it just shows me the blocked green page, and I can't remember what was open there before. What do I do so I can go back to the previous page?
*Important note: When I clicked on Google on 'Return' (the up arrow) - I didn't have the option to return to the page that was open before the plug-in was blocked.

Alexandra Souly

Sep 5, 2023

Counter not counting down

After installing the counters work fine, but they get stuck after about a day and don't decrease at all. Happened twice after reinstalling it.


Aug 7, 2023

disable Notifications

Hello, thanks for this fantastic extention: simple and useful!!!!
is there a way to disable the Brave notifications for 10-5-3 min remaining?
because for sites where I set a small timer, the notification appears everytime i open the page or refresh it and it's annoying.
I prefer use the banner or nothing at all that remind me the time left.

Brianna Johns

Aug 4, 2023

How to set time limits

So I might be dumb but how do I set time limits for specific websites? I downloaded the extension but haven't found a way to set the time limit...

Empowered Ageing

Jul 7, 2023

Not working on Brave

I have just installed the extension but there is no option to set the time limits. I have tried going to the settings for the extension and there is nothing there. I am using Brave Browser, could this be why?

Nico van Loggerenberg

Jul 6, 2023

Page location lost

Hi, when my time is up, all my open tabs on that site (in this case twitter) turn into the Limit page. When it's a new day, how do I get back to the tabs I was on before? I would like to not lose what I was reading.

Antony Pissarides

Jun 5, 2023

1 issue, 1 question

1) Hi I've just installed the plugin but I cannot see a timer on any of the websites I have listed.
2) Is it possible to set separate limits for work and personal Gmail? Thanks

Angelina Nguyen

Apr 30, 2023


is it possible to only set a limit for a specific website subdomain?
E.g. I want to block, but not

Dianne Ortega

Mar 9, 2023

Not working on Gmail and Web WhatsApp

Hi, I have premium Freedom, but I can't install it on my work computer (it does not complete the installation process, probably because I am not using the Admin user), so I started using the Limit extension. However, I am not being able to block WhatsApp web or Gmail. I have added both as 0 minutes and am not using them in an incognito window. Could you help?

Jack Pinsky

Mar 6, 2023


I just started using Limit and it isn't stopping me from using the websites I specified. For example, does every YouTube video count as a different website? The time spent on a website displayed also always says "0 minute" without changing. Would love for this extension to work.

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