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Stacy David

Jul 8, 2023

No Longer Collecting Usernames

Since July 1st (with the server and rate limit issues), after clicking "block all" the username collection is stuck at 0% despite scrolling. Would love to get this fixed because for the time being, it's one of the only available mass blocking apps that still worked :(


Dec 24, 2022

it wont work

Hi, i have tried installing the extension multiple times, it wont block the users, also every-time it just keeps saying 'service error' on the page, can you please help with this issue?
Thank you


Dec 16, 2021


Bei mir funktioniert das AddOn leider nicht mehr. Gibt es bei anderen auch Probleme. Kein Button mehr da, auch nach Entfernen und neu Hinzufügen.

Elijah Nelson (Sintra4)

Dec 10, 2021

Only sees a small fraction of "likes"

When a tweet has relatively few likes, like around 10 or so, the extension usually can't see anyone. This is a change for the worse, as just a week of so ago, it was able to block everyone if there weren't more than 80 likes. Now, it only blocks a tiny percentage of likes from tweets with several hundred (usually about 5-20 likes), where as before it would block 120-150 in those cases. I've tried restarting Chrome, restarting my computer, running the extension on another computer, and uninstalling and reinstalling the extension on both computers, but the problems persist.

Also, before this all started, another problem I've had since I first installed the extension is that occasionally it will seem to collect a decent number of account names, but then just hang on the loading window, never providing the link to actually block them.

I really hope you're able to fix this, as I've found that the main alternative, MegaBlock, rarely works as intended for me, and this extension has really improved my experience with Twitter.

No tengo

Jul 14, 2021

question (a little urgent)

is possible to someone to use it in his own tweet (Like you publish something and want to block everyone that gives like to your own tweet) without affecting you also i think i read in some place of this page that you can share the block list but that affect the author?

Marek Grubiński

May 22, 2021

Twitter api

Does twitter make problems if i block many people at once with this extension?

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