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Lyc Ferno

Apr 16, 2024

Reverse search

I downloaded it to reverse search the people who liked my profile (thanks to a deblur plugin) but where's the option to reverse image search ?

Mafin Sajit

Nov 21, 2023

really bad

After using it for a period of time, I found that the real timeline is wrong, and I hope it can be solved as soon as possible.

Gene Raymer

Nov 19, 2023

Wrong picture analyzed by this extension

This extension shows exactly the same URL for every match and every picture:

This picture has the date 3/24/2019 aka 4.66 years ago.

This effectively makes the extension worthless. It was working recently (maybe a week or two ago).

brotherton kerr

Nov 15, 2023


I feel like their registration time is wrong.
I contacted some people and I saw that they had just signed up and when I talked to them they told me that they had been using it for a long time.
There are also people who have been using Tinder for a long time. They told me they had just started using Tinder.
So I don't think this timeline is accurate.
Even if I didn't interact with them, I could see the inaccuracies from this one-sided moment. But I can't tell what's wrong.

Mafin Sajit

Nov 12, 2023


Can it be used normally now?


Nov 8, 2023


There are still big problems in this update. I hope you can solve these problems carefully. When using it for less than 30 seconds, the creation time of the other party cannot be displayed. Also, after opening a membership, you can see the other party's information. I like it, and then I can't see the creation time of the other party when I click on it. Please fix it immediately. This is a good plug-in.

ashworth koski

Nov 6, 2023


Hi Author This extension looks great but I find it doesn't seem to work for VIP users


Nov 1, 2023


Why can't it still be used normally? Uninstalled and installed the new version again, but still no data appeared.

Mafin Sajit

Oct 31, 2023


I feel like this registration time is wrong and still needs improvement.


Oct 30, 2023


Hello, this software is very good, but after you update it, it cannot be used normally.

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