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Isaac Velarde

Feb 14, 2020

my screen just stopped casting last week.

i get a no internet connection error. Internet is fine as well as rebooted my modem?

Tim Altemus

Jan 7, 2019

Light cast not working in browser extension

Cuts out after a couple seconds of casting. Casts for a few seconds and then the lightcast web page closes.

Rhett Oldham

Dec 5, 2018

Unmute in Desktop Mode

How do I unmute Lightcast in Desktop Mode. Currently, I have to log out, switch to Current Tab mode and then broadcast. This seems to be unnecessary. Is there a way to unmute in Desktop mode. Thanks

Dmitriy Yevseyev

Apr 25, 2018

Does not work in secure enviornment

Does not work in secure environment.
Reports home unknown amount of information about your network.
Does not work without internet access.

Money grab

Lauren Syverson

Aug 30, 2017

Administrator Block

When I try to download the Lightcast app from Chrome, it says that the administrator has blocked access, however there is no administrator for this app in our school district. Please advise as to how to proceed.

Thank you,
Lauren Syverson

Irina Svetlowa

Mar 17, 2017

Extension buyout

I am interested in acquiring your extension "LightCast Sender".

Please contact me at:

Blair Henzell

May 9, 2016

Won't Connect For A Second Time

I installed the application on four laptops with only three different laptops at the time. An Acer Aspire E5-511, 2 HP Elitebook Folio 9470Ms and a HP Probook 6460b and they all connected fine for the first time but the second time I tried to reconnect with the laptops and none were finding it or able to connect to it. What am I supposed to do in regards to connecting again. I have tried restarting the laptop, reinstalling the extension and restarting chrome but none of them fixed it.

Adam Grice

Apr 14, 2016

Device not showing...

I've installed the lightCast sender app.

No devices show up to send to.

I can see the device on my airplay but when I choose it nothing happens.

What's supposed to happen next?

Lindsey Lindayen

Mar 9, 2016

LightCast Sender does not show LightCast

I am sitting here w/ Miracast and Airplay devices - both of them showing the LightCast ready for mirroring. I installed the plugin and see it in enabled, but clicking on it, nothing appears in "Connect to LightCast". Does not seem to have any "options" other than the logo being shown.
What do we need to do to get the LightCast to show up for connection?

Vipin Mehta

Feb 5, 2016

Can't see Mondopad on lightcast

I'm trying to use the lightcast sender to cast to a MONDOPAD. I can't see the MONDOPAD device on my lightcast extension. What steps am I missing?

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