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Anna Karenina

Oct 29, 2023


San Meteo County Library is misspelled. It should be San Mateo.

M Grider

Sep 21, 2023

Georgia-Fulton County Library

Please consider adding the Fulton County Library to your library selections. Thank you.

Sarah Köln

Jun 6, 2023

Adding as a supported site?

Would it be possible to add as a supported site? Thank you in advance

Charlie Leppert

May 20, 2023

New NYPL Catalog

Good afternoon! The NYPL catalog has a new URL that needs to be updated in your system. Here is the link:

Thank you!

- Charlie

Jamie A nerd

Apr 23, 2023

Extension seems to be blocking Chrome page loads - in general

I have used your extension - which I LOVE! - for a long time in another profile. Recently installed in my new personal Google Account / Chrome Profile and it seems to a problem. I was experiencing a complete dead-zone, sporadically, when I used Google Search or loaded commonly used URLs... nothing would happen but a spinning cursor. I did troubleshooting by turning off all of my Chrome Extensions, and I fear this Library Extension may be the problem. :(
Things worked again when it was disabled. I'm going to change the settings to only be enabled with - to see if that helps, but wanted you to know.
BTW - I keep a very clean, up to date system, in all respects, and this issue just resurfaced after a Windows Update-required restart:
Windows 11
Chrome Version 112.0.5615.138 (Official Build) (64-bit)

Holly Springer

Mar 21, 2023


Although I have the Library extension which I love, and use with the Amazon site. I find that each time I wish to search for a book at one of my listed libraries, I need to reinstall the extension. Why does it not keep open? I thought it would automatically show the book availability when I open the page and click on the title.

Bryan V Spellman

Feb 20, 2023

New Goodreads...

Doesn't seem to be working with the new Goodreads layout. 02/20/23

Daniel EBR Parish

Feb 1, 2023

New library card number

New library card issued but I don't know how to change it on this site.

Patricia M

Jan 9, 2023

Overdrive is being replaced by Libby

I was wondering if Overdrive is going to be updated on the site. In the Chicagoland area, Overdrive is being sunsetted and it is now Libby. I was curious if this change was going to be reflected on the library extension? Thanks!

Lizabeth Kashinsky

Jan 5, 2023

not working

I have had no issues and been using this extension forever, but it stopped working overnight. I uninstalled and added again, but there is no stack of books icon in chrome when I try to add my library to get it to start working again.

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