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Luis Shannon

Jul 27, 2018

recover photos

trying to recover deleted pictures

matt mwale

Mar 20, 2018

camera connection prblem

help i cant take pictures my camera is not connected

Zenira Bredow

Nov 27, 2017


eu quero ativar a minha camera desse note

Brenda Ivy

Jul 25, 2017


cant find my pictures

Jimmy McCrillis

Jul 18, 2017

Can't Add My Gear

Hi, I submitted the request to add my camera a week ago. I also emailed asking for help. I haven't gotten a response yet.

Can you assist please?

Thank you very much

Lee O. Alexander

Apr 14, 2017


I need to unsubscribe to this site. I can not find the procedure or process to so. Please advise on how to accomplish this. Thank You.

Joe Spandrusyszyn

Mar 3, 2015

Performance issue

This extension causes complicated pages (the number of elements on the page seems to be the biggest factor).

Some pages have taken as much as 5 extra seconds to load just for waitForImages to finish.

There are newer versions of waitForImages and jquery available... just upgrading those libraries might fix the issues.

For now, I've got to keep this extension disabled. A settings page to disable it on select pages would be enough to get me to re-enable it, since most pages seem to be fine.

A Chrome Web Store user

Feb 21, 2015

extension not usable

i install extension, i have it in extension list bud i cannot use it and still show me message "Want to help the cause? Install the Lenstag Rescue Chrome extension"

Mel Lourenço

Oct 30, 2014



I already have the Lenstag App on my Ipad. Now, I was trying to download the Lenstag Rescue Extension on my Macbook Air, but when I try to do it, I keep having the request to download the Chrome browser, which I already have, and see no manner of download the Lenstag extension.

Thank you for your attention.

Kind regards.

Amelia Lourenco

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