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phone phone

May 3, 2021


Why I can`t delete it huh?

It`s just a sucks game bro


A Chrome Web Store user

Apr 30, 2018

it is bad

borening XD

John Shaughnessy - Sandalwood Heights SS (2442)

Mar 20, 2018

chrome cannot find the site

I cannot seem to connect to this site. Is this app no longer available? If so, please remove it from the Chrome Web store.

A Chrome Web Store user

Apr 17, 2017

not working

it is saying there is no network but we are connected to the internet fix your app!

A Chrome Web Store user

Apr 9, 2017


When I was playing, the whole app suddenly paused. I had to reload the whole thing and my changes were all gone!

Dogyman 360

Oct 1, 2016


please add an offline option

Kat Bonus-Abelardo

Jan 11, 2016

d bros

why cant i delete it

A Chrome Web Store user

Jan 3, 2016

Hate it

doesn't work and I can't delete it!

Audrius Bertašius (The Game About Strange)

Oct 15, 2015

It doesn't load

This App doesn't load

Lidiane Tessaro Barbosa

Jul 30, 2015

não faz nada

uma porcaria

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