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primo danil

May 6, 2024

problem with my leather wallet

Hello,when i open my wallet i see this : unexpected application error ! is not the function!
Can you please help me ?

John Irving

Sep 6, 2021

Browser View

You guys need to add the ability to view the wallet on a browser tab. Just having a pop up appear from the browser extension as a pop doesn't work because the pop up disappears when I go to another app and come back to copy a wallet address for example.

Fabrizio Bragazzi

Aug 23, 2021

Airdrop STX to blockchain

I add a words to recovery my airdrop and not have 1000 STX but have 100 STX , why this problem ?

D&L Solutions

Aug 3, 2021

issues with password created!

Good afternoon Support,

I am having problems with the password created for Blockstack ID.
Is there a way to re-set the password please, not sure what happened.

Thank you very much!

pipes 101

Jul 30, 2021

wallet recovery

the wallet doesnt accept my password after i input my seed phrase. tried setting up and recovering my wallet twice and wont accept my password.

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