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Scott Taylor

Oct 21, 2023

Extension is interfering with some functions within LMS (Blackboard)

While attempting to utilize certain functions within Blackboard, after going through IT Support ruling out certain things and them trying to replicate on their end, it was suggested to use Chrome Incognito. The error did not persist so I began to troubleshoot further on my systems. I disabled all extensions and enabled one by one, testing functionality. When LL is enabled, and only that one, it breaks the functionality of the page (only certain ones). This is a new problem because in the May 2023, there was no issue and I have had LL enabled constantly since I was first made aware of it... sometime.

Andrew K

Sep 11, 2023

Incompatibility between the Extension and Harvest


If the Lean Library Extension is set to all sites, then when I use Harvest (, the page formatting is affected and unusuable! If I disable, Harvest works.

If the Lean Library Extension had certain urls (user defined) that I could exclude, the problem would be fixed. A suggestion is the ability to exclude certain URLs.

Is there a way for the developers to be in touch with Harvest to understand why this is happening?



Alexia Rutkowski

Aug 31, 2023

Lean library malfunctioning

Lean library automatically uses itself when I don't need it to, and continuously refreshes the page so I can't access sources I need to download them. It keeps glitching when it tries to automatically log me in.

Sound Sweety

Aug 15, 2023

untable access to resource website, especially Jstor through lean library

Hi there, when I access the Jstor through lean libarary, the page keeps flashing and could not read and download. I have to to go incognito window to acess.

Mahdi Jaberzadeh Ansari

Oct 7, 2022

An error has occurred.

An error has occurred.
Failed to load Institute data from server. Please try again later.

Bowser: Chrome Version 105.0.5195.127 (Official Build) (64-bit) on Win 10

Anton Reznik

Apr 26, 2022

Browsers support

What browsers Lean Library app support? Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge,...?

Thank you,

Irene van den Broek

Feb 22, 2022

No download button for chrome

As others note, there's no download button. How can I download lean library in chrome? Is it possible to display a screen shot to solve this problem...?

Pierre Divenyi

Feb 5, 2022

lean library dowloaded, now how to use it???

After downloading Lean, I see nothing where I could do a simple library search.
My extensions show Lean library and Loopio. No instructions about what to do with them.
When I used to go to my university's library site in the past (Stanford), I could open a window and search for articles I wanted to see within the category of my choice. How am I allowed to do such a thing with Lean? Opening the Lean extension offers no search window.

ihuoma chikezie

Nov 18, 2021

How to downoad.

I don't know how to continue after getting to the chrome web store.

Willem Pijnenburg

Oct 25, 2021

Download button

Where is the download button?

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