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Paul Broomfield

May 22, 2023

Love it! & Feature request.

Been using this for years, its awesome, thank you!

Feature request, I notice when turning debug on and off it sets a localStorage variable. It would be amazing if another could be set based on type the environment select, e.g. development/staging/production.

We would use this localStorage var to turn features on/off in adobe launch, such as selected a dev report suite.


Vernon Ho

Mar 12, 2023

Unable to select environment after updating Chrome

Hi, I'm not too sure if it was because I updated Chrome to Version 111.0.5563.64 (Official Build) (arm64), I'm now not able to see the list of environment. I've tried going to the environment page and clicking on the extension but it doesn't seem to do anything.

Anton Valadzko

Mar 2, 2023

Doens't work on localhost

It works fine on the real sites but in some reason stopped working on localhost:4502 and on other author instances in disabled mode. Is it a known issue?

Edward Bulfango

Feb 2, 2023

Unable to get DTM Switch to show from extension option?

I can't get the environments or debugger to come up. It just gives me a drop down menu with the drop down of only:

Launch and DTM Switch
This Can Read and Change...
Remove From Microsoft Edge/Chrome
Hide from Toolbar
Manage Extension
Inspect Pop-Up Window

I used to get the control panel with debugger as well as selecting which environment to inspect. This just started to happen this AM.

David Spencer

Jan 23, 2023

Launch Switch not available

Hello - When visiting a web property that uses Launch/DTM, the extension becomes highlighted/available, but when I click on it, it does not display the switches. It only gives me a link that takes me back to the chrome web store. I've tried turning off all extensions and removing/reinstalling the extension with no luck

Jan Exner

Jan 23, 2023

Add "unminify Launch code" toggle

Hi Guys!

Love your extension to bits! Would be totally awesome if you could add a toggle: "unminify Launch code" or something like that, for easier troubleshooting.

All it would have to do would be to remove the "min." from the URL when the browser loads the Launch library...

Joris de Beer

Jan 23, 2023

Load un-minified scripts

When loading from non-production environments, it would be great if the full script could be referenced instead. For example, below is the script from a development environment that DTM Switch loads by default:

It would be awesome is the '.min.' was removed, as these gives us the full script with comments!

Many thanks for building the tools that Adobe should be providing!

Hayley Luke

Jan 23, 2023

Redirected back to the chrome landing page.

When launching, it takes me back to the landing page.

Pavel Zagoskin

Jan 23, 2023

Does not uninstall!

I uninstalled this, and I still get DTM/Satellite output in the console.

Udo Schmittek

Jan 23, 2023

Licence Terms


Where can I find your licence terms? I could not find them anywhere on the website or the browser add-on’s download page.
Could you please provide the licence terms or any kind of statement concerning this?

Thank you!

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