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Jansen Johansen

May 24, 2024

seit Tagen muss ich mich mehrfach am Tag neu Anmelden

seit Tagen muss ich mich mehrfach am Tag neu Anmelden

Tuan Huynh thanh

May 24, 2024

Cam on


Alan Prefer

May 23, 2024

i cant find my last pass

i had to upgrade and my lastpass on the top bar disappeared!!
i have the paid version, i have it on my phone, works great, how do i get the red lastpass icon back on my chrome


Jamie Durrill

May 22, 2024

The binary component has stopped working on the chrome extension

The binary component has stopped saving its status as true and has stopped functioning. I have uninstalled the extension and cleared chromes cache and reinstalled multiple times. running the latest version of both extension and chrome which appeared to have updated sometime between yesterday and today.

Charles McCarn

May 20, 2024

Can't get into Last Pass. Locks up at the first banner("Last Pass")

Not much to say. ID and PW to Last Pass does not seem to post, Attempts to work around problem do not work. Cellphone access seems unimpaired. but using that is really hard to do with long passwords when trying to work on Desk top Windows 13.

Jennifer Sellek

May 16, 2024

Extension is broken

For the last few days the extension isn't populating my passwords. I have to remove then re-install the extension to get it to work. Frustrating!

Robert Batůšek

May 16, 2024

Need to reload every day

Recently (weeks), the the LastPass Chrome plugin started to ask for reload the page almost every day. When I reload, it asks for a master password and and 2 factor authentication, even if I enable "remember this device for 30 days". And not only that. It doesn't remember the state across tabs so I have to reload every tab. What can I do to avoid it?

Robert Rodgers

May 14, 2024

Options reset to default after Chrome restarted

The options in extension reset to Default every time I restart chrome. It's is really annoying

Wagner Ignacio Pinto Junior

May 14, 2024

Extension is not authenticating with yubikey

Today the extension asked me for yubikey and failed authentication several times. The dialog has changed and does not display the option to not ask again.
I had to access the Lastpass site to gain access to my vault.

Jeannine Bethanis

May 13, 2024

How can I turn on my phone which is locked. My phone has been locked for one day.

My phone is locked and I can not get anything on my phone.

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