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Ramon Vermij

Feb 20, 2023

Not working currently?

HI, thanks for the extension. At least, the idea seams great. Nut after clicking the "Delete Selected Scrobbles' button, nothing happens for me.

Jennifer Carroll

Nov 30, 2022

Error Message Not Working

Recently been having issues with always getting the error that Extension "only Works on: your profile page, your library scrobbles page" even when on those pages. Used to be a refresh would fix it but now get message all the time.


Jul 3, 2022

Extension no longer works

When clicking on the extension, an error message appears saying:

"Last FM Unscrobbler only works on
- Your profile page
- Your library scrobbles page"

This occurs even on either of those pages, and occasionally works on the first page of the library scrobbles. Beyond that however, the extension will display the error message. This extension worked fine a week prior.

jesse haze

Feb 5, 2022

I am very confused

Whenever I press the delete button, it does nothing. When you delete a track, does it fully remove the song from your stats?

Dominique Woods

Jan 1, 2022

Select All isn't selecting all

I need to selecet all my scrobbles but it's only selecting 50 scrobbles on a page at a time.


Nov 15, 2021


please tell me how i'm supposed to access this so called select all button cuz what's even the point of this extension if i still have to click 2000 scrobbles one by one?


Apr 14, 2021

Artist's library

Any chance of it ever working from the Library -> Artists page? I have this minor irk about artists with just 1 scrobble and this app was the closest thing I found to maybe being able to get rid of them.

Дмитрий Матвеев

Sep 19, 2020

Doesn't work.

unscrobbler.js:143 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'click' of null
at unscrobbler.js:143
at Array.forEach (<anonymous>)
at HTMLButtonElement.deleteScrobbles (unscrobbler.js:140)
(anonymous) @ unscrobbler.js:143
deleteScrobbles @ unscrobbler.js:140


Jun 12, 2020

Doesn't work :(

doesnt work, please help. did what was supposed to be done, reloaded too to see but didnt work! really need a fix

Thijs van Orsouw

May 11, 2020

It doesn't delete the tracks

Hi, I really appreciate your extention, but for me it doesn't work. I did the steps you described but when I click 'delete selected scrobbles' the selected scrobbles become a with vague but they don't go away. When I reload the page they are still there. I hope there is a fix for this, because my scrobbles thinks I played the same song 196 times in a row :)

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