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May 23, 2023

Previous tabs across all windows?

How do I set this to be window-agnostic? E.g., jump from my current tab in window 10 to the previous one, which is in window 8.

Thanks in advance!

Tim Teitelbaum

Dec 17, 2020

Clicking some links fail to navigate.

I have a working set of (say) 11 tabs in one window (call it) W1. They are all listed in the Window's Last Tabs menu. There is a distinction (that I don't understand) between the top 6 tabs listed in the menu, and the bottom 5 tabs, which are only visible if I click "Show Remaining Tabs...". Let's call these the "above-the-line" tabs, and the "below-the-line" tabs, respectively.

I appear to be unable to navigate to a below-the-line tab by clicking from window W1 (from either kind of tab), but I can navigate to it from a different window W2.

I called this a "problem" rather than a "question", but since I don't understand the above-the-line and below-the-line distinction, it may be a feature.

BTW, this extension is EXACTLY what I need, so thank you!

Conny Henn

Jan 6, 2019

New function ?

Can you include, if i click on the actually open TAB it opens the last open TAB ?

A Chrome Web Store user

Sep 11, 2018

Stand alone

Great extension. I had lost it and it took me hours to find it again. The reason is that I couldn't find the icon. I use the app for jumping back to the previous tab (which changes the icon).

Many users are searching for an extension which does that. I would advise you to make a separate simple extension just to click on and return to the Previous Tab.

Jack Adrian Zappa

Sep 8, 2018

How to configure keyboard shortcuts?

> Now with configurable keyboard shortcuts to jump to your last tab or cycle through the last 3 tabs you were on.

I don't see anything in the configuration page that suggests this. Is there no way to have just a Ctrl-Tab MDI experience?

Sergey Rozhenko

Oct 25, 2017

Popup width is way too small

Popup width is way too small

CharlesVance Cole

Apr 30, 2017

How to close multiple tabs at once

Hello -

How do I close multiple tabs at once pls? I have several dozen tabs open. Each time I click the close button in the menu, the popup goes away.



Haydee Villanueva

Oct 31, 2014


this is a good app. i like the viewing options. would be great if i can get an option for the actually tabs to reorder themselves based on the viewing option i select. also a way to bookmark a tab or all open tabs from the list. and at the very least. a way to reorder the tabs position on the list manually and have it actually change the tab order. that way this would serve as a tab menu but also last tabs, depending on the option selected.

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