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Yao Game

May 22, 2024

please support!

please support!

Arnold Saenz

Aug 31, 2023

Larry Filter for Twitter

Greetings, I simply like to know if Larry Filter for Twitter uses the words placed in the input field as a single item or separate items. For example, if I enter "named Joshua", will it filter out all articles with "named" or "Joshua", or will it treat "named Joshua" as a single item and only filter articles that have "named Joshua" together in that order? Thanks.

John S

Jan 8, 2021

can't do anything with it

I can't see how to add words to a list. When I click on the icon, I just get a javascript message saying "Larry Filter is off."

Mr. McSpocky

Nov 24, 2017

Feature suggestion

There needs to be a way to backup & restore the names that have been added to the list.


May 4, 2015


tidak bisa download lewat hp kah?

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