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Michael Kimsal

Sep 21, 2018

reference by selectors?

Is there any chance this could be modified to identify by selectors rather than just name, which is what it seems to do now? Especially for dealing with legacy/inherited stuff, being able to have it identify the selector path would be useful (perhaps if the name is null, place in selector path?). While I realize it's more brittle than explicit names/ids, we don't always have the option of rebuilding everything before writing tests.


Samuel Beausoleil

Jul 19, 2018


A guide on how to use this extension would be appreciated.

Justas Maziliauskas

Jun 27, 2018

cant install

Package is invalid. Details: 'Could not load background script 'js/background.js'.'.

Fas “Fas IOCOD”

Feb 15, 2018

Laravel Testtool tab now showing in my Laravel debugger

Laravel Testtool tab now showing in my Laravel debugger

In in MacOs Sierra 10.12.6 (16G1114)

I just installed chrome plugin is there anything else i have to do?


Jan 23, 2017

Laravel 5.4 & Laravel Dusk


any plans to make this plugin work with Laravel Dusk?

kalle palokankare

May 22, 2016

Can't get the plugin work

My setup:
OS X 10.11.4 (15E65)
Chrome Version 50.0.2661.102 (64-bit)

I have installed, uninstalled and installed the plugin again. Disabled all other plugins. Laravel TestTools appears to installed plugins and Developer tools tab, but I cant click any of it items. The plugin does not generate any code if I use it methods.

What I can do is generate Faker names etc.

Any ideas?

Evaluate Bytes

Mar 22, 2016

What is the best solution for URL handing

e.g if a url is

i made this

is this a best solution?

for me it is just a fun.

please reply

Lesya Korotkova

Mar 22, 2016

Issue in renaming test

1) Press Rename Test button
2) Press Cancel button in Rename Test popup

Expected result:
Nothing should be changed in test code

Actual result:
Test name is changed to "testnull"

Brian Dillingham

Mar 21, 2016

Multiple Tests Per Test Group

"Add Test" so that multiple functions can be added at once vs copied and pasted each time

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