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Maria Garcia Spinola

May 17, 2020

Failed to sign in: error

Failed to sign in: error

Camilo Espinosa Díaz

Mar 6, 2020

Failed to sign in

Failed to sign in


Mar 25, 2019

Failed to sign in: error

Failed to sign in: error

elkbeer elkbeer

Dec 2, 2018

The application does not work

The application does not work

Kurt Yang

Jul 10, 2018

Failed to sign in: error

sign in with twitter doesn't work,cann't login

A Chrome Web Store user

Jan 19, 2017


La aplicación no incluye el número de RT, ni de Fv , ¿no? y sino fuese así ¿cómo podría sacar estos datos también a la hoja de cálculo del Excel?

Lu Piñas

Jan 29, 2016

Problema al pulsar F5

He pulsado F5 y ha aparecido una animación como si cargase el contenido, pero no hace nada

maria susana baez

Nov 19, 2015

como lo borro

senores porfavor diganme como lo borro

Stephen Dann

Mar 29, 2015

permissions for a screenshot

I'd like to use a screenshot of your store page to illustrate Kwitty for a book chapter I'm doing on Twitter data collection.

The publisher needs me to get a form filled out for you to grant permission to use the image. What's the best way to make contact to get this process done?

A Chrome Web Store user

Nov 29, 2014

Won't open to page

When I click the app it opens, but it opens to where it say sign in with Twitter or with API. When I click to sign in with Twitter it loads, but doesn't work.

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