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Leon Calhoun

May 3, 2023

Documentation link inside account doesn't work

When clicking on the documentation link within my account, the page does not open. I'm trying to find out how to save Youtube videos. As a software tester, I also recommend you put a support link or chat within a user's account for a better UX.

Haomao Khao

Jan 5, 2023

can't subscribe

i already sign in crome .why i can't subscribe in this.


Jan 5, 2023

initial install

This a great odea. and see endless possbilities for it as a developer....But i have not been able to purchase it or even try it......I have installed the extension (you should have a desktop app as well), I have tried purchasing from your website which i believe redirects to the free? extension????? please help
anychance of a trial?

joe goff

David B

Jan 5, 2023

I cannot add Kurator as a Chrome extension.

I've tried on 3 separate occasions to install this utility as a Chrome extension and on each occasion Chrome produces the following error message;
"package is invalid: CRX_FILE_NOT_READABLE". Any suggestions would be welcome.
This is a pity because the software looks very promising and useful. Only if we could get it working!

richard maitland

Jan 5, 2023


hi ... i just tried out your extention and i'm having a problem. i moved a folder into the curation folder and when i attempted to put it back where it came from the folder has disappeared. how do i retrieve it pls?

Robert Mullin

Jan 5, 2023

bookmark tags are missing

Hi, I use tags with my Kurator bookmarks. Suddenly the tags have vanished; the bookmarks stiff exist but are no longer organized. At the same time the plugin / navigating the bookmarks slowed down significantly. With these symptoms is there anything I should check? Is there any sort of backup which I can use to restore to a state where the bookmark tags were still working?

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