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Apr 28, 2022

hangul input

How to input hangul.


Jan 10, 2020

shift key skips character

Everytime i need to input a letter with shift, it skips to the next character/syllable.
So when i try to type 있 it turns into 이ㅆ, and 예 turns into ㅇㅖ.
This didn't use to happen until recently (a week ago, more or less).
Also, it happens with both shift keys, left and right.
Thanks in advance :)

Maximo Ramos Capillo

Jun 9, 2019

custom toggle key

Can I define a custom toggle key? my right alt-key is broken, I have to mouse click the app icon.

I tried to reassign another key to "Alt_R" with xmodmap but it just doesn't work.

Thanks for the extension, it works GREAT!

Amy Weitzel

Aug 24, 2018

not working

Suddenly the extension does not work at all. I used it happily for years, but today it does not work.

Desirée Roese

Aug 22, 2018

Stopped working

it's not working anymore, hipe it get fixed soon

A Chrome Web Store user

Aug 18, 2018

Stopped Working

Hope the team fixes it, it suddenly stopped working

Iron Man

Aug 16, 2018

just stopped working out nowhere

used this fine for about a year maybe a little less. out of nowhere changing back and forth switches that characters in top corner but not on screen uninstall and reinstall did nothing. thanks for the good times hope this helps.

A Chrome Web Store user

Aug 13, 2018

Nothing works

I installed this because i am learning Korean and want to help memorize by typing in it. But when I install, the button makes no sound and does nothing! HELP!

Grey Daze

Feb 23, 2018

Looking for W

I'm trying to type w but can't find the hangul character for it on the keyboard, is there a shortcut key for it like the y's and double characters?

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