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Jun 22, 2019

Inaccurate Flag/Marked Bomb Count

First of all, Mr. Kotb, I have to say that I REALLY like your version of Mine Sweeper! I have run into a small problem, which doesn't usually come into play, but might. The flag count is typically (but not always) incorrect. You can see how this can lead a person to make the wrong calculation and lose the game.

Usually, the count is too low, and off by one or rarely two flags.

Despite this problem, I still like your Mine Sweeper best of all. It is a rare occasion when I depend on the flag count to determine my next move.

You do not need to reply to this post. I wrote it simply to inform you of the problem.

Jason Weng

Nov 18, 2017

Can't Open it.

It says it's added to chrome but when I click on the icon, nothing happens.

Penelope Ainsworth

Oct 13, 2016


Doesn't work with the right click? I'm on a mac does it not work on macs?

Joann Konermann

Jul 13, 2015

Added but not showing up?

Status says "added to chrome" but it isn't there with my other apps/games

A Chrome Web Store user

Jul 8, 2015


same issue ^^^^^^

Arla Fontaine

Jun 25, 2015


The Chrome store says Minesweeper is added to my apps, but it isn't! Can
you help?

Ta ever so.


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