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Esther Poveda

Jun 18, 2024

Can't find my CRM provider on your options list

Can't find my CRM provider on your options list

Edward Kehoe

Feb 24, 2024

API Token copied and pasted from Duford Agency skool and it says invalid API token

Trying to pair dialer with CRM High Level through the DIG Agency

Doug Weaver

Jan 10, 2023

downloading Kixie Dialer to my desktop

Hi - for some reason I all of a sudden can't find the Kixie dialer. It works fine when I access it via Hubspot. But want to save the dialer to my desktop. How do I do that? Thx.

Christine VanBuren-Johnson

Oct 1, 2022

cant find the Pixie phone to make calls

I can't find the Pixie Phone to make calls. My email is My cell is 845-518-9945

Christine VanBuren-Johnson

Oct 1, 2022

cant find Pixie phone

I don't see the Pixie phone to make calls. My email is
My cell is 845-518-9945

Venis Carter

Sep 6, 2022

Not Compatible!!!!

This application is not supported on this computer. Installation has been disabled. The following problems are detected: Chrome of version at least 97 is required

Marc Bernard

Mar 29, 2022

Connection to Hubspot only one way. Kixie not pushing changes back to hubspot.

The power Dialer no longer will record an activity in Hubspot. I have uninstalled, cleared cache..reinstalled and reconnected to hubspot did not work. I can't use it if it will not sync properly. I need to enter everything into hubspot manually. It it pulling the data as I can see the contact an all info in kixie however not pushing back the changes.....inbound calls also can't connect to a contact. So everything is only connecting one way.

Tara Menard

Oct 25, 2021

Dialer not working

Kixie dialer isn't working, I've already uninstalled and reinstalled. Thanks

Leah Scibetta

Jun 2, 2021

kixie calls

I am getting kicked out constantly, dropping the calls, have to re install every few calls, says its online but wont make the call, says its reconnecting but doesn't wont show all the dialer info its constant every day and ive checked all my netwrok things and run the speed tests and its not any of that, help please this is killing my work days!!

Michelle Ochoa

Apr 23, 2021

SMS templates not showing in plugin

I have added an sms template but when the plugin is launched they are not showing up when SMS icon is tapped. It just shows the default link "Want sms templates". Help?

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