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Nikki Brown

May 9, 2024

API Key Stopped Worked

I've been using the paid version for years with the same API key. All of a sudden it stopped working and when I try to validate my API key it says "failed to fetch". I have lots of credits in my account so that's not the issue. I even tried uninstalling and reinstalling the extension.

odbhut sadhuna

May 5, 2024

Not showing "add to chrome"

I can't use this free version and not showing add to chrome please solve this issue asap.

Malachi McKoy

Mar 21, 2024

Trying to purchase paid version

When I left click on the icon in my browser there's no option for purchase

Ahmed Zain Raja

Mar 15, 2024

Keywords everywhere

I can't download this app in mobile even I can't see the option of,,add to chrome,,in blue color

Silvina - The Poetic Wolf School of English

Mar 3, 2024

I can't use the free version

How do I use the free version? I have installed the extension on Chrome but I can't use it. Do you still offer a free version?

Tora Jones

Jan 26, 2024

Clicked the "X" and now I can't get it back.

I clicked the "x" and the top right of the data boxes on the right side of the search results. Now I can't find a way to get them back. The section at the top is also missing. I uninstalled the extension then I reinstalled it but it did no good. I also tried clearing my cache, opened a new window and its still not there.

Django 4x4

Jan 24, 2024

unable to install on android tablet on chrome?

i am unable to install this. is it not compatable with tablets?

Pretam Rana

Dec 2, 2023

My video viral youtube

Million views my video

Cynthia Weirr

Nov 14, 2023

Lost Credits

Just noticed that my credits have disappeared. Please help replace them. Thank you.

Uche Ndu

Nov 13, 2023

You removed my credits without warning.

You removed the rest of my credits without warning

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