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Zayne Mique

May 9, 2024

Drop-down button option

Hello, I can't automate when it involves a drop down menu. It only recognizes the click but doesn't choose the option I selected from the drop down. Hope this get's fixed or added as a new feature.

Watzky Watzky

Feb 5, 2023

how do i remove steps?

i click were i want to and then click "set keys" but it counts clicking set keys as a step is there a hotkey to set keys without adding a step?

Terapixel Store

May 19, 2022

سلام بهنام جان

افزونه روی کلیدهای درون آی فریم کار نمیکنه


Jan 27, 2022

i'm stupid?

Hello there!
Please tell me how to use this thing...
For example, i want to copy some string, then open new tab, then paste it.
So i have to write script code like:
ctrl + c
ctrl + n
ctrl + v
I tried diff combinations but it doesn't work with me >.>

Chloe Kim

May 23, 2021

shortkey does not work

shortkey does not work when I swtich the tab with command + number.

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