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Jul 14, 2022

Not Working

It appears the extension isn't working. It's showing N/A on every game I check.

Ludovic Clement

Jun 3, 2020

Does not work anymore

Looks like the extension does not work anymore. It's says unavailable.


May 11, 2019

Not working

Your app isnt working anymore, can you take a look and update it ? thanks.


Oct 3, 2018

Region-Locked prices

Hello. This extension is pretty great so far and I apreciate it very much. My issue is that a few of the g2a results are giving me EU region-locked prices/pages rather than the global ones. I checked to be sure that a global price existed alongside the EU price as well. I believe this may be because of your referral link used. (I noticed your currency was in Euros)

If anything, could you add an option to prefer a certain region type if the choice presents itself?


Aug 6, 2018



Id like if there was a feature that can be shown on YouTube. Example I m watching L.A Noire and it would show me price of that game like crackwhatch extension but crackwhatch just show Instant Gaming.


Aug 6, 2018


It show my local currency and I perfer it to be in Euros so can i change that?

Radu Ursache

Feb 7, 2018

i see the price in local currency but the value is not

for example, a game in g2a is 30 EUR. but ill see it as 30 RON which is 5 times cheaper

Davide Mascolo

Jan 2, 2018

Currently showing only G2A prices

The extension has worked like a charm since I've started using it a few months ago, but I've just realized it currently displays only the G2A tab. May it be some new measured by Valve (since it already happened in march 2017, I'm reading now)?

Hopefully it can be fixed. You did a great job and since last Summer this extension saved me a lot of time comparing prices.

Marko Miettinen (darkk!)

Oct 1, 2017

Any way to add this to Wishlist?


Would there be any way to add these prices to wishlist? I mean when you mouseover something over WL it gives you more details.

It would be an awesome feature if it could be implemented :]

Fabio Trilho Pereira

Sep 26, 2017

CDKeys support

I wished that you could add CDKeys support, they´re just like the other websites already supported, but have better deals in my opinion.

Thanks a lot for this great extension.

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