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Kaspar Lee

May 13, 2024

extension crashing in chrome and would not start

extension crashing in chrome and would not start
version 16.8.3
extension button grey out as well

Merryann Palmer

May 7, 2024

Error when trying to import password file from Chrome

Basically the subject says it all. I've tried multiple times to get Keeper to import my Chrome password manager file so it can (I presume) go change all my passwords. Each time it gives me an XXX error message and says to contact support. It also gives an email address that I used initially that wasted 2 days - I got an automated reply telling me it was an unmonitored mailbox and to submit a ticket here. I still have no passwords in my program.

David C Margotta

Apr 29, 2024

Not updating in browser

v16.8.3 is not updating in the browser. The extension still shows v16.8.2. This happens in Vivaldi and in Chrome.

Scott Pauli

Apr 4, 2024

KeeperFill not a selectable app on Android

When trying to setup Keeper fill on my cell phone it doesn't appear as a selectable item. How can I correct this?

Michael Schlafli

Mar 21, 2024

Ctrl-A on the keeper login password field clears text selection

When I sign in to the extension, and I realise I've mistyped my password, I reflexively press crtl-a to select the currently entered password, and then type the password again. The idea being that ctrl-a selects all the currently typed chars, and simply retyping the password would overwrite the wrong text.

There is a bug in the extension where usually the selection is removed/cleared causing the retyped password to appear after the current text.

Steps to reproduce:
1. Click on the keeper extension
2. Enter email
3. Start typing password (e.g.: "wordpass")
4. Press ctrl-a (Selection is briefly made, then cleared)
6. Type "password"

The expectation: the password field contains "password"
Actual result: the password field contains "wordpasspassword"

Can confirm this happens on Chrome/Linux, Chrome/Mac, Firefox/Linux.

Marc Millare

Mar 7, 2024

Keeper 2FA Code not Received on Phone

I am not receiving the keeper code to my phone number while attempting to login on keeper.

J Melisky

Feb 12, 2024

Can't load auto fill extension to chrome....error message

ERROR MESSAGE. Item currently unavailable. Please check the troubleshooting guide.

TABLET HAS Android 13.


Jan 11, 2024

reporting an unstable behavior with google extensions.


I am reporting an unstable behavior with google extensions. I hope this unstable behavior will be resolved.

Current behavior
1. open keeper fill modal (command + shift + k)
2. type password title in search box
3. select password with down key
4. press enter key to confirm password
5. nothing works

Expected behavior
When you do 1~4, the determined password should be entered automatically, or the screen should open in a separate tab.

OS: 14.1.1 (23B81)
Chip: Apple M1 Pro

Browser: Google Chrome ver 120.0.6099.216 (Official Build) (arm64)

That's all I have to report.
Thank you for developing this great feature.

Translated with (free version)

Elizabeth Baer

Jan 2, 2024

Extension Not Working After Renewal

Is the Keeper Chrome Extension not included in my subscription? My Keeper subscription renewed today and is working fine on my Samsung Galaxy device, however my Chrome Extension keeps telling me I need to renew. Do I have to pay separately for my Chrome Extension? I do not remember this in years past.

Chris Butchart

Dec 13, 2023

Keeper's Chrome extension will not install

As I see other people have had the same problem, when I try to install Keeper Chrome Extension, it says "Installation is not Enabled" and then Keeper is not added as an extension. I can find no way to enable it. This is pretty useless of Chrome! Chrome is my main browser for business online applications. Help!

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