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Fawaz Akhtar

Jun 1, 2022

Active tab being pinned very often

The add-on works ok but more than often pins the active tab instead of pinning an empty tab.

Hongwei Chen (Charles)

Mar 21, 2018

More and more pinned tabs are created...

One more pinned tab is created every time the browser is opened... Maybe check the existence of pinned tab before creating one?


Dec 19, 2017

It pins 11tabs and cannot be closed

Just like what I said below, and it adds up to 13tabs after I restart the browser......

Craig Lambert

Mar 19, 2017

Open Pinned Tab in Background

Would love an option to load the pinned tab in the background.

Craig Lambert

Mar 18, 2017

Two Full Sized Tabs

This is exactly what I'm looking for except Chrome opens with the pinned tab and two full sized tabs. Any idea what might be causing my issue?

Scott Grayban

Feb 20, 2017

No longer pins

Chrome closes when last tab is clicked now.

I removed and re-installed extension but same issue.

Paul Byrne Upland

Dec 10, 2015


hi there, I've added this and now I wish to remove it (it's not exactly what I wanted)

I went to extensions>>delete...but when I open my Chrome now I get 5 new pin tabs opening. How do I remove these?


A Chrome Web Store user

Nov 8, 2015

Works for the most part

I've installed this extension on both my laptop and desktop. It works pretty flawless on my desktop but oddly enough on my laptop it sometimes just doesn't make a new tab when closing the "last" one. I've tried enabling/disabling the extension and all that.. really can't pinpoint it or understand why...

Konstantin Kniazev

Jun 6, 2014

Adding third tab on restart

After Chrome launch this extension creates one pinned tab, so I have two tabs: pinned and standard. If I set "reopen last tabs" in settings, Chrome remembers this two tabs and reopen them after launch. Extension adds one more, so I have three tabs. Each relaunch adds one tab. You must add tab check before run.

Trevor Hart

Apr 9, 2014

Tabs kept opening

When closing one or more tabs (whether individually or multiple at a time), any tab that was closed was instantly reopened on my home page. This disappeared upon disabling this extension.

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