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David Herve

Oct 31, 2023

Keeps freezing my system and makes it reboot

Since the latest chrome update, my Chromebook keeps freezing and rebooting randomly. I closed all extensions, and it's working, re-enabled this one and my Chromebook started freezing and rebooting again. So I have disabled it until a update to this extension.

Rosemary McGowan

Oct 1, 2023

No longer functioning

Stays on Moon on Dark - no options anymore. On Chromebook Pixel laptop from 2015. I will check my Pixelbook to see if same problem. Others seem to be experiencing the same issue. Please advise.

Kings Highway Systems

Aug 7, 2023

Stopped Working

Please remedy the problem that started August 4 2023. My devices are a mess now. Thank you.

Ola Strømman

Aug 7, 2023

Doesnt work anymore

Using the extension on old chromebits, version 86, doesnt work anymore. Crisis...!


Aug 5, 2023

Keep Awake is no longer compatible with the recent version of Chrome.

When will this be fixed or do we need to find a different extension?

Meh Bleh

Aug 4, 2023

Extension doesn't work anymore with today's update (August 4th, 2023)

Don't know what happened to it today (August 4th, 2023) but it stopped working completely. The icon that normally stayed as a sunny day it isn't clickable anymore and it changed to the picture of a moon. Right-clicked to check options and it they are grayed out.

David Buse

Apr 26, 2023

Please update with setting time on / off!

Hey Dev! Seriously, can you add a Time on / off setting where we can set the time to turn the extension on and off? I always forget to turn it on at the beginning of my day and forget AGAIN to turn it off! PLEASE. PLEASE update this with that function!!

Alex Diacre

Oct 18, 2021


Love this extension. I would like to suggest a feature request: I'd like to set the extension to function during working hours (8am to 6pm for me) but disable after that. So if i forget to disable it, it will turn itself off at 6pm.

Lion Cheung

Sep 13, 2021

Stop Chromebook from turning on

Would you please teach me how to stop Chromebook from turning on when I open the cover.
Any tips and tricks to teach me how to use Lenovo N23 Chromebook.
Thanks You !

Shaun Baker

May 7, 2021

Keep awake

so why wont my chromebook stay awake still with this on

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