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Corbin Schluep

Mar 24, 2022


how do i launch on my chromebook

José Montenegro

Nov 18, 2021

temas de google

queria sacar el tema que tengo puesto, y poner el de google crome el predeterminado el que venia por favor

Lori Janda

Nov 3, 2021


My new tab page keeps coming up as outer space even though the rest of my screen is kate spade. and some of it is black.

Esther Zimmerman

Oct 20, 2021

search bar

Is there a way to change the search bar to white?

Aamir Hassan

Jul 12, 2020

my theme

actually iset your and now i want to remove this

board now

Apr 22, 2020

brown/black address bar

all of a sudden the address bar is brown/black - it's very difficult to read. is there a way to change it back to white - which worked much better?

Debbie Tenpenny

Apr 20, 2020

Address Bar color change

The latest update on Windows changed the address bar from white to brown. It is not user friendly. I hope we can get a choice to change the address bar to white.

Frank Toblstone

Apr 20, 2020

Colour of adress bar

In the screenshot, the address bar is white. In the latest Chrome update, the address bar turned brown. It is very uncomfortable.

Amr Saeed

Mar 27, 2019

Kate spade theme for Firefox browser

Hi there. Thanks for such a subtle and good looking theme. If I could ask you whether you support theming Firefox browser or not, this theme specifically?


Mar 11, 2018

cant make theme full screen

Hi, I have noticed this with all of the themes, but I was hoping you could help me with yours. When I open a new tab the theme's stripes stop about 3/4 of the way down the screen . The about 3 inches left is white and at the very bottom of the white is your logo. How to I make the stripes go down to right above your logo? Any help would be great;y appreciated

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