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Barry Reid

Jun 11, 2024

This version breaks most websites

This version throws Javascript errors so making most websites impossible to use, the only way is to disable the extension which then makes Katalon pretty useless. This is impacting my work to such an extent I have started looking at alternatives to replaces Katalon.

Can you revert to the previous version QUICKLY and then fix this release, TEST and then release it?

Umberto Fernandes

Jun 10, 2024


chrome update, not working properly on my website. When I run it, it disconfigures the screen and I can no longer view my website screen correctly, I need to deactivate the extension so that the website returns to normal.

Philipp Vlasov

Jun 10, 2024

Extension breaks web application functionality

Hi, I recently discovered that this extension causes our web application to break. Upon closer investigation it was discovered that after extension is loaded, jQuery .trigger() method stops working. Most likely because another jQuery version is being loaded (3.2.1 vs 3.6.0 in our app), but I'm not sure how different version can cause such behaviour, since .trigger() is available in both of them. Is there any way you redefine default jQuery methods in your code? Is it a known issue and can you suggest anything from your side? Thanks

Marius De Allie

Jun 6, 2024

Extension prevents our app from rendering certain pages

I got a report from one of our customers that the latest version of your extensions blocks certain pages of my company's web app. I tested on Chrome and brave and can confirm that the extensions does block certain pages of our site, the minute we disable the extension everything works as expected.

Людмила Сліпко

Jun 5, 2024

The Katalon recorder is preventing the websites from functioning properly.

Katalon Recorder is blocking the functionality of websites, which didn't happen before.

Keith Hattie

Jun 3, 2024


With the latest update, no commands are working, cannot execute any tests

JD Robinson

Jun 1, 2024

Broke the cardinal rule of superstitious software pros

Never push a major release on a Friday! Silly typo bricks your extension. "" (sic) in Chrome_setup.js

Liam Schollar

May 31, 2024

Webpages not loading on latest version of Katalon

Just downloaded 7.0 and webpages are not loading when the Katalon Recorder extension is active. When I disable the extension, the webpage loads.

Ivan Kolev

May 31, 2024

There is a problem with latest version #2

I can confirm the problem reported by Hristo Lungov 31.05.2024 г.
In Firefox it seems to be working for now.

Hristo Lungov

May 31, 2024

There is a problem with latest version

The problem is ReferenceError: bowser is not defined at chrome_setup.js:1:18.
When try to open some sites.

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