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Jason Milton

Aug 15, 2023

Follow up re: not being "default tab"

On October 23rd you said the below to a user. I can't figure out how to do it though? How can I make it NOT my "default tab", but instead, have it come up only when I click on the KanbanTab icon pinned in the top right corner?

"Hi again, Thea! You're now able to open KanbanTab in a separate tab (instead of being forced to having it as the default tab). Please let me know if you have any more feedback, and I'll try to have it done earlier than 581 days next time πŸ€“"

Imran Ture

Jul 11, 2023

Automatic Completion and Deletion of Items


First of all, excellent work! I found this app incredibly useful and I plan to continue using it in the future.

I am writing to suggest a new feature that I believe would enhance the functionality of the Kanban system. It would be highly convenient if items added to a specific stack, such as the "Done" stack in my case, could be marked as completed automatically. Additionally, if these completed items could be automatically deleted after a specified number of days. These options can be simply provided within stack's menu (via three dots).

Thank you for considering my suggestion.



Saman Bassam

Sep 12, 2022

sync with google task

can this get in sync with google task ?


Jun 29, 2022

Line through completed items


In the initial installation & demo there seems to be a feature for lining out completed items but mine seems to have been disabled. Is there any way to bring it back?

John Ferneborg

Apr 11, 2022

Kanban columns are justifying off-center

Hi Tomas, Wonderful tool you've built. I noticed on my widescreen the Kanban boards are shifting off-center to the right.

To be clear, the page header with the left logo and right justified action icons are centered at the top. The issue comes when I add additional columns which pushes the justification to the right, throwing the columns off-center. Unfortunately this is making it hard to use with +4 columns.

As a future idea, it would be wonderful to also have swim lanes, where there could be multiple projects per column.

Thank you for your generosity and building out this tool. I'm looking forward to contributing once the centering issues are addressed and it's useable for my purposes.


Hoang-Phuc Tran

Sep 26, 2021

Add light theme

I love the extension but can we have a light theme for this?

Fernando Sousa

Mar 24, 2021

Moving tasks is not working


I'm from Brazil and trying KanbanTab (on cryptobrowser). When I ty to move a task, It works, but:

- The "remove" area keeps open;
- The board became freeze (can do anything)
- After reload or open another tab, the task I moved is back to the previws place.

Could you help me?


Thea Tapson

Jan 25, 2021

Can I still use this without it being my default new tab setting?

I really like this tool, however, I would prefer to use it by having it be a pinned tab beside my default new tab setting, as I already use that for other things. In order to use it the way I wish to, at the moment, I have to keep enabling it and disabling it, when I would rather have constant access to it, without losing me default setting.

Dan Small

Dec 14, 2020


Hey! Love the app, very helpful.

Wondering if there might be keyboard shortcuts in the future. Even something as simple as pressing enter to save changes to a task instead of having to click "save changes"

Thanks again

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