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Lars Wuckel

Sep 6, 2023

The title of the task should be shown in the tooltip

The tooltip shows "Right-click to edit ..."
In the tooltip I need to read the title of the task because mostly the title is not completly shown.

Eric Beyer

Jul 4, 2023

Link to email when creating task from Gmail gets lost if I drag - drop to a different board

When I create a task from Gmail, the task initially contains a link to the email.
However, if I drag and drop that task to a different board, the email link gets permanently lost. This really kills the benefit of being able to quickly turn email into tasks for later sorting into appropriate boards.

Erin Hommeland

Jun 30, 2023

Not a Full Sync

It seems as though tasks that are created from within a Google Doc do not sync to Kanbanly. This will make this extension unusable for me.

Octavio Carranza

Jun 11, 2023

Adding users

Need to add user to kanbanly and want to know its price

Kei Lim

Mar 15, 2023

Auto date change

When I edit my cards/tasks on kanbanly (ex. Edit Priority to High/Med/Low) and click save, the deadline becomes 1 day earlier even though I did not change the date. Was wondering how to solve this

Michal Madaj

Jan 26, 2023

Auto colour changing

auto colour changing according of board phases should be great. Just have three phases in a board... ToDo - Ongoing - Done. Each phase has specific colour. ToDo phase will have grey colour, Ongoing phase will have orange colour and Done phase will have green colour. You can create a task in ToDo phase and the task will have grey colour automaticly according of ToDo phase colour. Then you move the task to Ongoing phase and the task will change colour automaticly to orange according of Ongoing phase. Same for to move to the Done phase.

Lets think about it.

Best regards!

David Sokolic

Jan 22, 2023

Using Kanbanly with a work account

I have been using Kanbanly through a personal google account for some time and it works fine. I just tried to use with a work account and ran into an issue with existing tasks not being synced in. New tasks that I create in my work gmail account do not show up in Kanbanly - though tasks I create in Kanbanly do show up in google tasks. Does Kanbanly not have access to APIs that it needs? Is there any way to resolve this when using Kanbanly with a work account?

tdahnoninho bemtevi

Jan 15, 2023


error to save a new board

Michal Madaj

Jan 15, 2023

Google accoun logout

Every time you turn on the computer the google account is lost and you have to log in again. Very annoying.

Abraham Hirsch

Jan 2, 2023

I used to login to Kanbanly thry phone validation....

I used to login in to Kanbalnly thru phone validation,
I dont know what I moved and now it asks me for my password each time.

Can you help me understand what happened and get it back as I had it before?


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