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Nowaytohide Today

Jul 28, 2023

Ameture and virgin

I have no sex anyone

Carmen Mabel Scaramella

Mar 21, 2023


No aplica para español


Dec 19, 2021

Auto Justify all text option is missing.

There is no option to Auto Justify the text on webpages. Please make one. I don't want to click the extension everytime. Let it work its charm in the background.

Kevin Caldwell

Apr 21, 2020

Looking to acquire Justify. Please reachout if interested.

Please comment email below for me to contact.

Daniel Graf

Jul 7, 2019

Potentially Acquiring Mail2Cloud

Hey, Tom Kent - Would you be open to chat about me potentially acquiring Justify?

Samuel Segura Ramírez

Oct 27, 2018

Auto-justify repo

Hello! thanks for this amazing plugin. Would it be possible for it to justify everything automatically as other users have said before? If it is not possible for you to do it right now, just give me access to the repo and I'll do it myself. Best regards!

A Chrome Web Store user

Jul 19, 2018

Superb extension!


A Chrome Web Store user

May 26, 2017


I've recently started using Safari for a few specific tasks and it would be amazing to have this plugin on there as well. Please consider porting the extension to Safari.


May 13, 2017

Auto Justify

Please incorporate an auto-justify!

Would be a great blessing!

Lord's will,

KJV John 1717

Darren White

Jan 9, 2017

Auto-justify option


Perfect add-on! 5/5! A nice feature would be to automatically justify webpages (possibly a whitelist/blacklist too).


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