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Philip Houseley

Mar 25, 2022

The Minutes

The Minutes keep moving to the other side of the Toolbar - away from the Hours. Happens a few times every day. Any fix possible ?

Sean Kane

Sep 16, 2020

Grey text or any color text option.

This is a useful plugin. I would love to see an option for gray text (something that would work on both light and dark backgrounds as I switch sometimes) or even better would be a way for me to just select anything from a color picker.

Randy Stewart

Aug 6, 2020

Can't Stop Laughing

You have people jumping through HOOPS!!! Just to install a very simple clock!! To me it's hilarious... had me rolling on the floor! Since I run a black toolbar I could not see it! So I laughed some more! Of course I had the foresight to find the options setting and changed the numbers to white. But as I was giggling the whole time it did't seem like that much of a chore to do so... The only real complaint I have is that there is way to much space between the hours and minutes, so much so, that it's no laughing matter!! It will eat at me every time it caches my eye, until I uninstall it! But having users jump through hoops to install it, is still lol funny. Wish you well in all your endeavors... Thanks for the laughs and the clock!

Kenneth Cole

Dec 16, 2019

Minutes before hour

When I added the extension (added hour first then minutes) it shows on toolbar minutes then hour. Ex. 11 3: How to change it to correct display?

Sean H

Jan 6, 2019

Just a clock - The Seconds!

I happen to need the time down to the second, and if I could just add that to the toolbar that would be great. Any hope of this coming soon?

Hossein Mousavi

Oct 29, 2018

World Clock

Hi could you guys please add world clock to your extension?
I need to see time of another location than my own location

A Chrome Web Store user

Aug 2, 2018


Возможно ли синхронизация с атомными часами или другим способом синхронизировать для показа точного времени?

Jeff Flowers

Jul 17, 2018

no minutes

Downloaded both the hour and minute themes at the same time however the minute portion will not show up.
please help, all suggestions will be gladly accepted.

ivonne valcarcel

Apr 17, 2018

solo un reloj

install fix

Tony Herzog

Mar 30, 2018


Wie kann ich denn die Größe ändern? Die Zahlen möchte ich etwas größer Dargestellt haben.

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