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Santiago Teran

May 21, 2022

videos on google drive not detected

whenever i play a vid on google drive from a lecture it doesnt detect the video on screen what can i do ?

Bruh Run

May 13, 2022

Doesn't even work.

Whenever i play a yt video it does not popup when i click on it.

Emil Steiner

Oct 28, 2021

Custom Values

The plugin has been awesome to listen to my lecture recordings. The only thing that's kinda annoying if I wanna set a speed to a specific value (eg. Sounded. Speed to 1.1) since the slider only slides in .25 steps normally.
Would it be possible to enter a custom value when clicking on the number?

Toprak Kesgin

Oct 15, 2021

Playlist Feature Request

Can you provide playlist support for local videos? Some video series consist of multiple 3, 4 minutes videos. it would be nice basically if we add more than one videos to playlist and play them after one another automatically .

Cyber Tron

Aug 30, 2021

Not working on Zoom recording page

Please add suport to Zoom recordings site ASAP.


Aug 17, 2021

Volume threshold scale

Also please consider reducing the scale of colume threshold. My downloaded zoom recordings unfortunately seem to need threshold below 0.001.


Aug 17, 2021

Video stops in between

Annonyingly video stops playing in between frequently(when playing a local file). This is maybe because the video is not preloading. It takes some time to resume or does when skipped forward or backward. you may want to fix that.


Aug 8, 2021

Silent feature

May i please know when can we expect the "silence silent clips"" feature

Troy Nall

May 18, 2021

what about opposite ?

what about instead of silence, you detected a high pitched "beep" for "begin cut"
and then a second high pitched "beep" for "end cut" ?

also, i would like to donate to you or a charity of your choice ? this is a useful tool.

Sahil Koul

Apr 18, 2021

Hot keys issue

Hot key for forward 5 secs is getting forwarded to 1min 30 sec approx even after changing
Any way to fix this asap..Exam in week! :P

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