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Nov 13, 2023

Comment récupérer la valeur de route d'un élément ?


Je ne sais pas si ma façon de nommer les choses sera la bonne mais
Comment récupérer la valeur (URL) vers un élément sélectionné dans le JSON affiché ? L'étiquette bleu en bas à gauche au survol d'un élément… pour éviter de réécrire tout le chemin par exemple :-)

Ryan Dorminey

Sep 14, 2023

in Chrome v117.x now I have to print pretty print button

Something changed in chrome v117 , previously in v116, the json would just be rendered. Now in v117 it requires me to click pretty print. Is there a setting to default this to pretty print as it was before?

Lars Bo Wassini

Feb 28, 2023

Option to keep quotes

Would it be possible to have an option to keep the quotes around the name?

"Products": [
"Id": "ImportedPROD2947"

Instead of

Products: [
Id: "ImportedPROD2947",

Luciano Colangelo

Nov 4, 2022

Copy Path doesn't work

Copy Path doesn't work

Klaus Kobald

Sep 2, 2022

screen is black

most times the background is black, so I can't read the json

Bob Florian

Jul 5, 2022

Lack of formatting running with Chrome on Apple Silicon.

I am seeing incomplete formatting of the JSON document when running in Chrome 103.0.5060.53 on Apple Silicon (arm64). The document has newlines and indentation but the font is all Times, no color, and no ability to hide and expand nodes. Works fine with the same version of Chrome on another machine with the Intel chip. Anyone else run into this issue?

Jason Carlock

Apr 28, 2022

Open File from local machine?

I have a .json file that is an export from postman. I tried dragging the file into chrome, but it stayed a jumbled mess. Is there a way to open a local file in chrome using your extension? Thanks!

PS - Use this a lot, works great. Thanks.


Dec 29, 2021

big number lose precision

if return data contain big number like: "group_id":7046259197201088520, it will lose precision and show result like:group_id: 7046259197201089000, just FYI

Michael Casbon

Dec 27, 2021

Apache Log4j critical vulnerability (CVE-2021-44228)

1.Do you, or any vendor, contractor, or other third party provider working on your behalf, use Log4j? ☐Yes ☐No

a. If yes, is/are the entity/entities using a version of the Log4j that is effected by the CVE-2021-44228 vulnerability? ☐Yes ☐No

b. If yes, what versions?

2.Do you use Log4j in any of the products that you provide? ☐Yes ☐No

a. If yes, provide the version number(s) of those product(s) (internet web links are accepted)

b. If yes, has a data sensitiveness assessment been conducted (stored, processed, etc.)

3. Points of contact for future follow-ups (feel free to provide more than one):



Phone Number:

Email Address:

Gordon Freeman

Dec 9, 2021

Перестало работать во фреймах

Перестало работать во фреймах

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