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leon nyathi

Jan 24, 2024


Trying to install Jsonview file to my desktop computer. I can`t find the "download" button for Jsonview. It only shows a "Add to chrome" What must I do?

Grigory Mischenko

Aug 22, 2022

Json is not parsed after processing 401 response

If to open any json with kerberos auth, browser at first get 401 response with negotiation request, after that it make authentication and retry request to json and it gets it. But in this case the plugin doesn't process response and Json is not formatted in browser. Could you please process this case.

Daryl Kell

Dec 2, 2019

Request: copy path feature

When you hover over an item, the hover/title text gives you the path.

It would be helpful if this hover text was able to easily be copied, so a user can easily grab the reference.

Thanks for your hard working on this extension; I use it all the time.

Md Wahid

Oct 13, 2019

Usability Problem

I can't use this extension for may browser because the "Add to Chrome" button is disable now. What's wrong with me?

Matheus Monteiro

May 13, 2019

How to view .json saved to disk

I can't get JSONVIEW doesn't seem to work when opening local json files. I've fiddled around config and can't find anything to this end. Am I missing something? Is JSONVIEW meant to work for local files? Thanks

Bonner Martin

Aug 31, 2018

Trying to find old book mark

I save my bookmarks regularly as JSON Files.
I have been trying to open a JSON file from bookmarks 2017-07-10json but it is in computer code and unreadable in JSONView to me. I have dragged the file over Firefox with the JSONView extension installed. What am I doing wrong?

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