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Zeta Zou

Mar 18, 2024

Has a bug.

Very beautiful and helpful extend, but has a bug.
For example:
"success": {
"message": "Welcome to JSON Viewer Pro",
"status_code": 198210283098489151

Serilize this json, this extend will change the status_code to {
"success": {
"message": "Welcome to JSON Viewer Pro",
"status_code": 198210283098489150

I don't know why this will change my data, is this a bug?

Andreas Saurwein

Jan 24, 2024

Chart is great but missing centering

When I close a larger child item, the view moves and its almost impossible to find the parent item as its off screen. A center button or automatic center on the closed item would be great.

Bhavya Jain

Sep 28, 2023

Requests the server for gear icon

I am running a Nodejs backend and i tested a API endpoint. It makes a GET request
GET /images/icons/gear.png 404.
Why is it making this request? Disabling the Extension fixes this issue.

Jimi H

Sep 13, 2023

Works, but slow

My main problem with this extension is that it is quite slow. With a large json structure, it takes almost a second longer than the competitive extension "JSON Formatter 0.7.1".

sanchit chaple

Jan 17, 2023

it is not working properly

whenever i try to view weather api using json viewer its not beautify that particular page only the size of text increase its not formatting the page.

smart 4ever

Jan 11, 2023

Not working at all

why you still listed this extension on webstore when its not working at all

luffy Bk

Dec 27, 2022

The application no longer works for api returns

The automatic visualization of call api returns are no longer formatted automatically like what was before there, you have to copy then paste and parse it once, this action celebrates, you have the right format again.

Ope Williams

Sep 22, 2022

Improper format

Hello Rahul,
Your product is great and worked well for about a month before it began having issues with presenting the JSON data. When I run an API call to OpenWeatherMap the result returned from my query is not formatted in the nice tree structure manner it used to. And there is no option for me to change this at all.

Swamiappan Puthurajan

Aug 8, 2022

Not working

Hi, When I click the JSON Viewer Pro extension it goes to chrome-extension://eifflpmocdbdmepbjaopkkhbfmdgijcc/index.html

Andrey Gritsay

Jul 25, 2022

Line height

How can I change line height? Changing .property line-height value didn't do anything :(

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