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Jade Firlie

Jan 1, 2020

Not working when I launch

When I start the game, it gives me a black screen then a pure blue screen.

vi dontdoit

Aug 30, 2019

Blue screen?

Hello, If you guys still look at the support, im having a problem when I start the game, it gives me a black screen, then a pure blue screen

Mariah Knowles

Jan 3, 2016

Collision in Sand Pits

I'm having problems on the chromeos version with collision throughout sand pits. In the "watch the sides" puzzle, if I land on a block that is covering spikes, the collision is a little off, letting me still get hit by the spikes. However, even if I get through that by having enough life to account for the collision bugs, I have another collision bug occasionally going into the next puzzle, the "single tile moving platform wall climbing" part. Before I can get lined up for the jump, I'll fall straight through the floor to my death. Even with cheats enabled, this level is literally impossible to beat due to how easy it is to die from a glitch. Placing checkpoints throughout the level would make this at least bearable.

inb4 ___ Level is Too Hard: Having to repeat puzzles does not make the game more challenging; it makes it more tiring.

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