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Bring your devices together

Bring your devices together Learn all about Join here: Download the Android app here: ☑ 30 day trial - one time payment to unlock Try the app for free for a month, then unlock it with a one time payment to continue using it ☑ Notifications Receive notifications from Android and interact with them on any device. For example, you can reply to a Whatsapp message from your PC. Notifications use the standard Windows Action Center with the Windows 10 app ☑ SMS messages from any web browser Be it Android, PC, or even iOS, you can send SMS messages from any web browser: ☑ Clipboard Sharing You can manually or automatically share your clipboard between devices. On Android you get a handy clipboard bubble for easy sharing. Think chat heads for your clipboard ☑ Remote Writing Write stuff directly in any Android app from your PC or any other device ☑ Open web pages remotely Quickly open a web page on another device. For example, you can send a page from your PC to your phone or from your phone to your PC ☑ Files Send files from any device to any other device and optionally automatically open the file when it arrives. Super useful for remote installing an apk from your PC for example ☑ Screenshots Get a quick screenshot from your Android device on your other devices ☑ Wallpaper Quickly set your Android or PC wallpaper while browsing the web in Chrome ☑ Location Find your Android device by getting its location or making it ring really loud ☑ Deep Tasker Integration Make Join your own by pushing stuff from Tasker, changing any of the app's settings and querying your devices. You can totally make your own customized Join app if you want :) ☑ End-to-end encryption Join can send any sensitive data encrypted if you set a password ☑ Google Drive as storage Your personal data (like your SMS messages for example) is kept privately on your Google Drive. Shared files are also kept there so that you can easily access them later.

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qq qq31 мая 2024 г.

не работает в сторону браузера

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MrHinum14 февр. 2017 г.

Русский нужен!!!!!

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Albert Safin1 нояб. 2016 г.

ОТЛИЧНОЕ ПРИЛОЖЕНИЕ !!! Но не помешал бы Русский язык.

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    Rua Elias Garcia n17 4A Amadora 2700-310 PT
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    +351 969 390 591
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    Этот разработчик заявил, что является продавцом согласно определению Европейского Союза.
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