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Both a flash card and a quiz tool, JLPT Locker is designed to help enthusiasts and beginners alike, learn and recognize the basic…

Both a flash card and a quiz tool, JLPT Locker is designed to help enthusiasts and beginners alike, learn and recognize the basic Japanese characters through clever repetition and memorization of the 8,000+ characters designated in the official JLPT vocabulary word lists of the frequently used Japanese characters. The more than 8,000 characters are based on the N5 to N1 levels of the Japanese Language Proficiency Test as previously released by the Japan Foundation and Japan Educational Exchanges and Services, and is widely used as the foundation in preparation for the JLPT exam. For this app, the first 4 levels (N5 - N2) are slotted into 4 distinct preliminary levels in order of increasing complexity. The final level, N1, consisting of almost 4,000 words are divided further into two parts, making the total sub levels within the app to 6 distinct levels. The app starts with only characters from N5 level whether for flashcard or quiz. As the user gain familiarity of the existing characters, the app will adjust the word list to gradually include characters from subsequent levels, i.e. one by one, from N4 level to N3 level. The learning/relearning of new words are relayed via informative flashcards or directly tested depending on the user's preference. Character recognition is reinforced through repeated exposure and testing. The user's familiarity with the individual characters are assessed by the 'depth' of the character that defaults at 4. For every correct answer in the quiz, the depth of the character decreases whereas for every incorrect answer, the depth increases. Over time, for any character that the user manage to get to depth value of '0' and will be stored away in the 'Locker', thus giving way to new characters to arise, aiding digestion. JLPT Locker is suitable for both beginners and advance enthusiast alike, acting like a personal trainer that remembers your familiarity and understanding of each and every word, word by word, step by step, help you make your way through the more than 8,000 basic characters at your own pace and comfort.

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