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Marius John

Aug 2, 2022

Incorrect mora counting leading to wrong pitch accent displayed

When a pitch accent of type 4 is displayed with a 4 mora word (such as おとうと), the pitch accent falls off at the end. However, the word まったく, which is also listed as having pitch accent type 4, does not have the falling off at the end, because the small っ is not counted. This is due to the code simply checking for small kana, even though a small っ changes the pronounced length of the word and thus counts as a mora. This also causes まったく to display both pitch accent 0 and 4 separately, even though they end up looking the same.

Lev Korsun

Jul 22, 2022


Hi. The dataset is stated next to the pitch accent pattern for each word, like Kanjium or Wadoku. Sometimes it says 'Uniformly'. What does this mean? I can't find it online. For example, type up 米.

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