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James Chudley

Mar 13, 2024

JiffyReader Install Popup

Hi There, after the JiffyReader Extension installs for a user you get the JiffyReader has installed page which pops up automatically, Is ther any way this can be blocked from happening? Only we are a college with thousands of users and it is causing support calls as they think it is an issue. (And report this to us). Maybe a registry key or some setting where we can stop this after install?


Jan 22, 2024

Extension ratings

Hello I am Jessy a chrome extension promotion expert your extension on Google chrome web store called jiffy reader is a really good extension but for it to rank higher to get more visitors and visibility on the chrome web store in other to avoid removal or de ranking of your extension in its category I can help you move your current rating from 101 ratings to 1k you already have a good number of users getting more ratings would help your extension rank higher and would generate more users and get high visibility kindly respond via fiverr


Michael Golden Warner

Sep 26, 2023

Is there a way to turn off data collection?

I would love to use this plugin but my company has strong security policies is there a way to turn off the data collection process so I can use this plugin?

Adaya Deno

Apr 30, 2023

verify account

it won't let me verify my account. it just says verify account but hasn't sent me an email link. I have checked by junk folder

Keith Flowers

Apr 30, 2023


I have written a document in MS word, I am simply trying to use the benefits of Jiffy or Bionic reading tools. How to i connect these two programs. I thought it was as simple as downloading them and choosing what document to apply the bolding to

please help,
Desperate reader


Anders Pearce

Apr 8, 2023

PDFs Online

Hi! Is there a way to make JiffyReader work for PDFs online? I'm in school and want to use bionic reading for textbooks, most of which come in PDF form, but I can't get the extension to read PDFs and other files even though I have the file permission set to on. Thanks!


Mar 6, 2023


I came across your extension on a social media post. Have been a lifelong one love. That was until I had a near death experience 5 years ago, and now my brain refused to allow me to read. Until I saw an example of what your extension can do. Amazing. I could actually read comfortably. Please make this so it works with Kindle!!!

Teddy Ramirez

Mar 6, 2023

No puedo poner a leer la aplicacion

Pueden explicarme con detalle donde esta el bendito boton para que empiece a leer.?????????????????????????????.. esta escondido, ?????????????????????????hay una clave secreta arcana muy misteriosa para que lea????????????????????????????????????????????????????

André Alexandre Bocchi

Dec 4, 2022

Isn`t working with google play books

I bought a book on google play books, and I`m trying to use jiffy reader, but doesn`t work

Dale Thomas

Oct 19, 2022

Issue with LinkedIn

Just an FYI - using JiffyReader on causes the browser to become unresponsive. This repros on multiple devices. When I disable the plug in LinkedIn loads as expected.

Browser: Version 106.0.5249.119
Mac: MacOS Monterey 12.6

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