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Anders Karlsson

Oct 6, 2020

Where are the JS saved

I happened to write a js that finished with window.close(); which makes it difficult to change the script. Could you reveal where the extension saves the scripts before injecting them?

Andrew Grider

Aug 15, 2020

Found a bug

Hey, I've noticed if you reload a site that is listed as a target url for your injector and you switch sites before the code has been executed (this likely varies depending on the load time of the website itself) if you switch tabs, the code to be injected will be executed on the site you switched to, example:

website has code injected everytime it's visited, if i reload it then switch tabs, that code isn't injected on but rather whatever other site I have switched to

richard collao

Jul 7, 2016

No reconoce url con signo interrogacion

Excelente extencion, amigo como hago para que funcione con una url que tenga el signo de interrogacion ?

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