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Yassine Safraoui

Aug 2, 2019


Works like charm, but there is a feature I miss tough, since you can remember the code running on a website, it would be preferred to make like a list of snippets the user can run, or disable on a website real quickly, for instance, youtube is one of the most websites that fills up my ram, especially when watching videos, the problem is that the suggestions part of the page(which I rarely consult) is taking a great space of ram, so I can run some code to remove it, and another problem I face is when I open a video in the fullscreen mode while I'm pausing the video I can't take a screenshot becasue there is a div dimming the screen so I can make a some code to solve that, so the snippets gonna definitively come handy, and why not make a shortcut to enable / disable them, I hope consider these suggestions, because I miss them so much!
Best regards.

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